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Prompt Philly
Prompt Philly
Great quality, can't wait to use!
Hannah Mitchell
Hannah Mitchell
I purchased my first set of modern cloth nappies from My Little Ripple in 2013. I loved them! I used them for four babies. Then when expecting my fifth, someone gifted me with a new set from My Little Ripple. I love them now even more! They are so easy to use. I love the choice of colours. I use one insert when they are new born, and two inserts from about 10 weeks onward. When I had a recent enquiry, the staff at My Little Ripple were so wonderful and helpful. I can't recommend these nappies enough.
Tithlee Chellappa
Tithlee Chellappa
I've been using these products since 2011 and because I know how good it is. I had to purchase some for my eldest who is soon to have my first grandchild! These MCNs can take a beating as I've seen first hand having two babies use them consecutively (my younger 2 kids are 20 mths a part) and I got 5yrs out of my original purchase. Did I give her all the MCNs I purchased a few wks ago, heck NO this grandma needs to have a supply for when I have my future grandchild over! TRUST ME WHEN I SAY IT IS MONEY WORTH SPENDING! NOT ONLY ARE YOU PROTECTING THE ENVIRONMENT AND BABIES TUSH YOU ARE ALSO SAVING $$$$$$
Bought the first lot with cotton inserts over 10 years ago for the 1st Grandchild. Bought a new lot with bamboo for the latest one to go with the old ones which are still quite usable, albeit looking a bit old now. They last really well and worth every cent.
Cristiane Harumi Habiro
Cristiane Harumi Habiro
I bought 10 nappies with 2 inserts each. It's easy to use and the print are so cute.
Monisha Agarwal
Monisha Agarwal
The bamboo inserts were very nice. They dry very quickly. The price is also very reasonable.
Emma Wietschorke
Emma Wietschorke
Purchased a stash of modern cloth nappies from My Little Ripple and I love them. Great quality, hige range of designs and they are so easy to use.

Other Testimonials

“We love these nappies! We tried the original ‘Cloth Nappies Pocket Nappies Diapers for Baby & Inserts Liners’  (https://www.mylittleripple.com.au/product/baby-cloth-nappies-diapers-mcns-inserts-liners/) from a friend, and saw these when we went to order our own, so thought we would give them a go.
We got the 5-layer charcoal inserts and they are amazing – very absorbent and quick drying. We got 30 nappies and found this number works for us – some for daycare, some in the wash, and some to use. Even though these nappies have the same weight capacity as the original ones, we found these a better fit for our toddler, as he outgrew the original ones faster than expected. We had our toddler in the original nappies until he was about 18 months and then switched to these. He is still in them at 2 and there is plenty of room to grow. We now have our newborn in the original ones. It takes a while to get use to the different positioning of the domes (if you are use to the original style that is), but I now find these easier than the original ones. We had them shipped to NZ and the person we dealt with via email was happy to answer any questions and made it hassle free. They are great quality nappies and highly recommend giving them a go! I loved them so much, I ordered some of this style and the original style for my sister.

Amy (Mar 2024)

“Thank you so very much. will always purchase through you such lovely service this is my second order.”

Ashley (Jan 2021)

“I brought 4 little ripple nappies off eBay for my 20 month old son they were amazing they arrived very quickly and they were so helpful to answer any questions I had the product was great quality and I was amazed at how long the nappy lasted before I needed to change I put my son down at 8pm and at 9am when he woke up he was just wetting thru great product defantly will be getting more Thankyou My Little Ripple”

– Maria on our Facebook Page (March 2020)


“Loved it totally.During this pandemic situation your service was great.Thanks”

– Our eBay store feedback (March 2020)


“I have just received my first order of My Little Ripple MCNs – and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much! The delivery was incredibly quick, and the random assortment of colours/patters you sent are just gorgeous! I can’t wait to try them out on our little fella, and am looking forward to ordering more products down the track. I’ll also definitely be recommending you to many of my friends.”

– Greer (March 2020)


“Can I just stay wow. These are an amazing fit! I have second hand Babyland mcns and your brand is a much nicer fit and not bulky. Hoping to buy another lot soon!”

– G. (March 2020)


“I just wanted to say thank you so much for the nappies! They came so quickly and I am in love with each and every one of them. Will definitely be buying off you again!”

– Stacey (February 2020)


“Also- just a note to let you know we’ve been really happy with your nappies, and are so glad to be finally able to stop using disposables! A friend gave us some of your nappy shells and we bought new inserts from you last week, which have been great. So thanks for making them for us, and also for making them so affordable so we can manage to get them. I was also impressed at how fast they shipped.”

Follow-up in January 2020: “We’re still so happy with our nappies. The new batch shipped so quickly,  are working really well and we’ve been able to stop using disposables for daytime use entirely- it’s made me really happy.  So thanks again.”

– Clare (November 2019)


“Thank you so much for the extra you supplied. Thus will go a long way, thank you once again.“

(Gina ordered these for a children’s home in Kenya. Whenever customers tell us it’s for charity, we always try to donate extra nappies and inserts from old stock to help out a bit. The photo was sent by Gina. How beautiful the babies are!)

Gina (September 2018)


“I have been meaning to email you to say I received my order and I LOVE my nappies! Thank you so much! They are my favourite among quite a few different ones I have used! The best for my chunky bub!”

Pamela (May 2017)


“Thank you! I have to say you have the best customer service, such a pleasure dealing with you, I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone who asks where I buy :)”

Josie (November 2016)


“I love mlr cloth nappies since 2010. My daughter now almost 5years old.”

Our Facebook Page comment (October 2016)


“I know I only just bought some, but I love them so much I want more already!”

Nicole (September 2016)


“Very friendly behaviour. Understands what and how we want the items. Very fast.”

– Our eBay store feedback (August 2016)


“Thank you kindly! We are very excited to hear of the additional items being sent out. We have always been so pleased with the quality and cost of your product. We’ve used your MCN for over three years now with two children! Fabulous!”

– Candice (August 2016)


“Excellent, excellent seller recommend 200% excellent product & service Thank you. This seller is so excellent! Service, goods, delivery, HIGHLY Recommended!”

– Our eBay store feedback (May 2016)


“I have only good things to report on using my little ripple nappies, they are excellent! I have used these nappies on my baby boy from around 6 weeks old to 3 months old and so and they are way less messy and absorbent than disposables which I used in the first weeks. No leaking or nappy rash with these nappies. The microfibres inserts are great as everything sticks to the fabric and they are very quick drying. The bamboo inserts work just as well and are good for night time as I use 2 at a time and they are a bit thinner than the microfibres. Washing is no hassle and is quick and easy although the bamboo do take much longer to dry especially in rainy humid weather so I have found having more microfibre is good in a tropical climate. The happy colours are great especially in hot weather in North Queensland where having baby in just his nappy is the best outfit.”

– Pam (March 2016)


“I have been using my little ripple nappies and love them. I now have a little girl and would like to refresh my existing boy(ish) stock for girlie colours please.”

– Nicole (October 2015))


“Hi, love your nappies, I have 24 already. I need a yellow one to go with some of bub’s yellow outfits.”

– Leonie (September 2015)


“I already have 30 of your nappies from my first child and now that our third is arriving in a couple of months and we will have three in nappies, we will need a few more! I am looking forward to receiving some new fluff mail!”

– Amanda (June 2015)


“I already have 20 of your mcn’s my friend bought them for my baby shower. They are the best ones out of the couple different brands I have. I’m just wanting to purchase 10 more with inserts to keep up with my 4month old.”

– Lorra (June 2015)


“Hi, just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant nappy. I am chuffed with them and a good price. Cheers! looking forward to ordering another lot soon.”

Lea (April 2015)


“Thanks so much for your speedy reply and excellent service as we have had each time I’ve been in contact with you – very happy!”

– Hilary (March 2015)


“I bought 30 of your modern cloth nappies about 2 years ago and still using on my 18mth old. I am now pregnant with twins and interested in purchasing some more.”

– Robyn (November 2014)


“i gained some of your brand of nappies a few months back and loved them so I am so pleased with the updated hip snaps – looking forward to using them, also trialing your boosters/inserts.”

– Mel (February 2014)


“We used your nappies with our bub and purchased so many to give as a present to family and friend and we all LOVE it Thank you do much for supplying great product with affordable cost Many Thanks”

– Oyukha (January 2014)


” have been using your nappies on my baby boy since he was about 1-2 weeks old and he is now 2.5 months. He was born >4kg and he is still is quite big, especially around the legs. Your nappies have consistently fit him well and I am very happy with them. They are so easy to use. We use bamboo inserts as well as normal liners at night and sometimes during the day. A great affordable product.”

– Annelise (December 2013)


“I have started to use MCN’s at 5 weeks of age with my son. He is exclusively breast fed and often has very runny poos. I have found your cloth nappies to be excellent! In my 5 weeks of learning to be a mum i have had many a poo explosion- especially with ‘huggies’ brand. I have never had an explosion in the cloth nappies – everything is contained and dry. I read that some mums have had problems with leakage – I have not – but my little man was 5kg when I started so that may be the difference. They are easy to use – inserts and nappies are quick and easily washed- stains bleach out in full sun. They are cute and I love the colours. My little one had a small nappy rash from the huggies which cleared up very soon after a started ‘clothing’. Overall I am very happy. I was at a wedding on the weekend and a girlfriend needed to borrow a nappy for her 15 month old – how easy and convenient it is to adjust the my little ripples and share the love. She was also impressed and has used many MCN’s herself.”

– Amy (Nov 2012)


“Your modern cloth nappies are fantastic! I purchased two other different brands that were very expensive and both leaked, were very bulky and one set the stitching was coming apart after only a few washes. I’d almost given up until a friend told me about your nappies. Well done. The adjustable sizing work extremely well and the soft feel outer layer doesn’t rub or irritate my baby’s legs. They are also much more absorbent than the other brands but dry in half the time which is great. Very happy returning customer.”

– Bec (Jan 2012)


“I just wanted to let you know that these nappies are the best nappies I have ever used…They hold so much wee…and his little bum is dry. I am so happy with them and I can not believe you sell them so cheap. Great product – and I have tried many different types of nappies from Apple Cheeks (Canadian brand) to Bum Genius (these are very good) and to many different Australian brand nappies. Thank you very much.”

– Paula (Sep 2011)


“This is my second order of your fantastic Nappies. I am soooo impressed with your Nappies that I’ve decided to go full time cloth. Thanks so much for this.”

– Deb Likouras (Jul 2011)


“I have previously placed an order for a 20 pack of nappies and 10 extra inserts. My little bundle of joy is finally here and I love the nappies. So easy to use and launder whilst keeping baby and clothing dry. I would like to place a further order of another 20 pack of nappies.”

– Tamara (Jun 2011)


“Awesome service. This is my second purchase from you and I’ve found your nappies to work really well on my daughter. The pocket nappies are beautiful colours. The microsuede lining is lovely and soft. I love the inserts as they are very absorbent and easy to clean. They are also soft so baby can move her legs freely. I have used these nappies overnight and haven’t had any leaks. I love the low cost and feel that the nappies are just as effective as competitor nappies. My Little Ripple nappies are perfect for everyday use at home.”

– Lyndal (May 2011)


eBay feedback

eBay feedback