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Large Size Nappies

Modern Cloth Nappy - Large Size

Modern Cloth Nappy – Large Size

Please select from the following available colours (There may be slight colour variation due to camera and monitor settings)

  • Dark Blue
  • White (with extra hip snaps)
  • Green (with extra hip snaps)

Due to low demand in large size nappies, we won’t have any new stock at this stage.


  • Same length as normal size nappy, but wider on the waist and more room around leg area;
  • Waist (unstretched): 50cm; Waist of our normal size nappy: 42cm


  • Outer layer: waterproof and breathable PUL;
  • Inner layer: microfleece that does not hold moisture itself . The moisture get drawn away to the insert to keep your baby dry;
  • Insert: three layers of super absorbent microfibre terry cloth;
  • Insert dimension: approx 35cm x 14cm
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